Queclink GL300W (2600 mAh) GSM/GPS Tracker

Queclink GL300W (2600 mAh) GSM/GPS Tracker

Online Tracking with OrbitalTrack

Track your asset online via OrbitalTrack, providing added peace of mind for you and all of your followers back home. Additional fees apply.


This device uses a GSM SIM card to function.  Don't panic though, we can provide these for you as well!  Contact us for more information on the plans available

$130.00 (Ex. VAT)

The water resistant Queclink GL300W GSM Asset Tracker is a powerful GPS locator designed for lone worker, vehicle, pet and asset tracking applications - this 2600 mAh option provides even more battery power.

The Data Cable M USB Cable is required to configure your device. 

The Queclink Mini USB Cable is required to update the firmware on your device. 

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Service 10 MB 20 MB
50 MB 100 MB
Minimum Duration 1 month* 1 month* 1 month* 1 month*
Monthly Fee $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $3.00
Airtime Fee $3.50 $7.00 $17.00 $32.00
Inclusive MB 10 20 50 100
Messages** 6,250 12,500 31,250 62,500
Overage Fee $5.60 per 10 MB $8.65 per 20 MB $17.50 per 50 MB $17.50 per 100 MB

The water resistant Queclink GL300W GSM Asset Tracker is a powerful GPS locator designed for lone worker, vehicle, pet and asset tracking applications.

This enhanced battery version of the Queclink GL300W GSM/GPS Tracker 2600 mAh allows you to send even more messages on a full charge - up to 410 hours when reporting every 10 minutes.

The thumb sized button makes this GPS tracking device ideal for applications requiring rapid notification of emergency alert or regular setting of geo-fences based on current location. Its built-in GPS receiver has superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix. Its WCDMA allows the Queclink GL300W GSM/GPS Tracker 2600 mAh location to be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server and mobile devices. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms. System integration is straightforward as complete documentation is provided for protocol. The protocol supports a wide variety of reports including emergency, geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery and scheduled GPS position.

Key Features:

  • Water resistant
  • Triple band frequencies UMTS/HSDPA 850 (Band V)/1900 (Band II)/2100 (Band I) MHz and quad band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Embedded full featured @Track protocol
  • Internal u-blox chipset
  • Internal WCDMA/GPS antennas
  • Thumb sized button allowing easier emergency alert or instant geo-fence setting
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer for power saving and motion detection
  • Full power management, can be connected to external DC power or battery
  • CE/FCC certified
General Specifications
Dimensions 7.78 x 3.96 x 2.17cm
Weight 93g
Internal Battery Li-Polymer 2400 mAh
Water Resistance IPX5 compliant
Charging Voltage 5V DC
Standby Time 670 Hours
Battery Voltage 3.5V to 4.2V DC (External)
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃
Digital Inputs Two digital inputs, One positive trigger for ignition detection, One negative trigger input for normal use
Power Button Power on and power off, can be disabled by the air interface protocol
Function Button With Vibration Feedback: Emergency alert or instant geo-fence
Antennas Internal only (UMTS/HSDPA/GSM)
GPS Antenna Internal only
Indicator LED CEL, GPS and battery status
Mini USB Interface For external power and configuration
Battery Performance
5 minute reporting 320 hours
10 minute reporting 410 hours
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