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Iridium GO! Pay Monthly Airtime

Iridium GO! Pay Monthly Airtime

Iridium Pay Monthly contracts for the Iridium GO! satellite Wi-Fi hotspot. Ideal for those who use their the Iridium GO! regularly. 

Please note if you have an exising standard Iridium SIM you will not be able to use this in the Iridium GO!

Sign Up

ServiceGO! 5GO! 75
GO! 150GO! Unlimited
Minimum Duration3 month*3 month*3 month*3 month*
Iridium Go! Voice Minutes Incld.075 Voice/Data150 Voice/Data150
Iridium Go! Data Minutes Incld.575 Voice/Data150 Voice/DataUnlimited
Iridium Go! SMS Incld.00UnlimitedUnlimited
Activation Fee$25.00$25.00$25.00$25.00
Monthly Fee$50.00$80.00$100.00$132.50
Iridium to Fixed or Cell Phones (per min)$1.08$1.08$1.08$1.08
Iridium to Iridium - Voice (per min)$0.63$0.63$0.63$0.63
Iridium to Iridium - Data (per min)$1.08$1.08$1.08$1.08
Iridium to other satellite systems - Voice (per min)$9.99$9.99$9.99$9.99
Iridium to Voicemail$0.63$0.63$0.63$0.63

*Although our Iridium post-paid contracts have a minimum 3 month minimum term, please note that although the first month's fee is pro-rated, the last month's fee is not pro-rated and is payable in full.

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