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Iridium Edge Satellite Asset Tracker

Iridium Edge Satellite Asset Tracker

Iridium Edge provides asset tracking and monitoring via satellite anywhere in the world. Easy to install and cost effective to run.

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ServiceSBD 0SBD 12SBD 17SBD 30
Activation FeeFREE$40.00$40.00$40.00
Monthly Fee$17.00$20.00$25.00$42.50
Minimum Term1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month
Suspended Monthly Fee$2.50$2.50$2.50$2.50
Minimum Billable Message Size30 Bytes10 Bytes10 Bytes10 Bytes
Inclusive Bytes per Month0 Bytes12,000 Bytes17,000 Bytes30,000 Bytes
Overage (per 1,000 Bytes)$1.50$1.50$1.75$1.50
SBD Registration/Mailbox Check$0.05$0.05$0.05$0.05

Iridium Edge provides asset tracking and monitoring via the Iridium satellite network anywhere in the world.  Suitable for tracking assets such as vehicles and machinery, Iridium Edge is an all in one satellite modem, antenna and power supply making installation quick and easy.

Paired with OrbitalTrack, Iridium Edge will transmit GPS location reports anywhere in the world as well as reporting heading, speed and altitude.   OrbitalTrack is an online mapping portal compatible with over 50 different GSM and satellite tracking devices.  Features include advanced reporting, geofencing and email alerts (for example on high speed or geofencing).

Key Markets for Iridium Edge

  • Fleet Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking
  • Maritime

Iridium Satellite Network Coverage Mapx

General Specifications
Dimensions130 x 80 x 30mm
IP RatingIP67
Cable ExitsSide and Bottom
ConnectorM12-8 pin male, terminated on 20cm pigtail cable
Installation OptionsPole, screw, tape
Operating Temperature Range-40⁰c to 85⁰c
Storage Temperature Range -40⁰c to 85⁰c
Vibration SAE J1455, Section 4.10
Frequency1616 – 1626.5 MHz
Message Size 270 bytes (Receive), 340 bytes (Transmit)
SBD Transceiver Iridium 9602N
AntennaIntegrated Iridium certified antenna
Iridium® Satellite Network Certification
RoHS Compliant
FCC, IC, CE, Australia Approvals
Power Supply( 9-32V), SAE J1455 Load Dump Protected
Maximum Power1.6W ( Peak for Short Transmit Burst)
Low Power Modes< 200uA
Reverse Polarity Protection
RS232 AT Command Interface
On/Off Control Lines
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