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Prepaid Fleet One Airtime

Prepaid Fleet One Airtime
Inmarsat Fleet One airtime is suitable for the Cobham Sailor Fleet One FleetBroadband Satellite Terminal.

Important: You will need to purchase prepaid airtime/ sign up for a monthly contract with your device in order to activate it.

RegionStandard Minutes/MBUnitsValidity PeriodPriceBuy Online
Global~5030 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global~25030 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global~30090 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global~1000180 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global~150090 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global~5000180 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
ServiceUnits Required
Standard IP5
Voice to Fixed0.50
Voice to Cell
Voice to BGAN/FBB/GSPS0.50
Voice to Iridium11
Voice to Globalstar8
Voice to Thuraya5
Voice to Other MSS6.9



Billable IncrementsMin DurationIncrement
Fleet One Voice30 seconds15 seconds
Fleet One Standard IP0.049 MB0.0196 MB
Voice to Cell
50 KB20 KB



1.) The expiration date will be extended based upon the date of voucher redemption.


2.) Inmarsat Prepaid expirations occur at 00:00 UTC for the expiration date in question. To ensure existing airtime is not lost, the recharge should be processed at least 24 hours prior to expiration


3.) Unused units will roll over if SIM is topped up prior to the expiration date.


4.) Crew, Multi‚ÄźVoice, ISDN and Streaming Class Services are not available on Fleet One activations.


5.) To be eligible for the Fleet One Global plan, the following conditions must all be met at all times throughout the Service Term:


(a) Vessels must have a Maritime Mobile Security Identity (MMSI) which is to be provided upon provisioning
(b) Vessels must receive the service using an Inmarsat type approved Fleet One terminal, and
(c) "Vessels" must not be floating / fixed platform, or rigs



6.) If the above information is found to be incorrect or provided falsely, Orbital Satcom reserve the right to cancel the plan and charge the user in full. The user acknowledges andagrees that such charges are deemed a price adjustment to reflect the amounts that would have been payable on an Inmarsat Standard Plan for vessels not eligible for the Fleet One Service Plan.


7.) A further administrative charged may be charged to the user for the cost of converting to the correct plan as described above.


8.) All services used on the Fleet One Global Plans are available without any geographical restriction.


Please note that upon requesting activation of your prepaid airtime you are agreeing that we can start providing your network services before the end of the usual statutory cancellation period and that by doing so, you lose your right to cancel your purchase of the prepaid airtime or request a refund. As a result, please check that you have ordered the correct airtime for your handset or terminal. Please refer to our terms and conditions for full information. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Inmarsat FleetOne Global Coverage

Inmarsat Satellite Network Coverage Mapx

Inmarsat FleetOne Coastal Coverage

Inmarsat FleetOne Coastal Coveragex

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