GEOS Alliance - Emergency Response via Satellite

Many of our satellite phones and trackers feature an SOS function to transmit GPS co-ordinates when in an emergency situation. These GPS co-ordinates are sent to the GEOS Alliance Emergency Response Center.

GEOS operate 24x7, 365 days a year from their HQ in Houston, United States. Although based in the United States, GEOS work with Emergency Services worldwide to initiate search and rescue operations.

In the event of an emergency response being received by GEOS, the team will communicate with the emergency contacts associated with the device. This enables them to get an idea of what activity the user is taking part in and also to rule out a false alarm. Emergency contacts are set-up by the user when activating their GEOS membership – this may be as a part of signing up for their DeLorme or SPOT subscription. Satellite phone users sign up directly with GEOS on their website.

If the device is a two-way device the team will try to initiate contact with the user themselves to find out further information on the situation. Simultaneously contact will be made with the relevant emergency services in the user’s location.

GEOS will follow the case until the emergency has been cancelled or they are fully satisfied that the individual has been rescued.

Since 2008, over 4,000 lives have been saved in over 130 countries, as a result of GEOS operations.

Which products feature an SOS link to GEOS?

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