Prepaid BGAN Satellite Airtime

Prepaid BGAN Satellite Airtime

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We offer a range of pre-paid airtime options for use on Inmarsat’s BGAN and IsatHub network. This airtime can be used on all popular BGAN and IsatHub terminals including those manufactured by AddValue, Hughes and Thrane & Thrane. 


Your prepaid BGAN airtime purchase will include low-balance alerts, and historic traffic reports if requested.

Important: You will need to purchase prepaid airtime/ sign up for a monthly contract with your device in order to activate it.

Region Standard Minutes/MB Units Validity Period Price Buy Online
Global~ 0 MB 0 Valid for 30 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global~ 5.4 MB 50 Valid for 90 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global~ 54 MB 500 Valid for 180 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global 3GB - IsatHub Voucher Only 3000 Valid for 90 Days
SIM Card Options
Global~ 109 MB 1000 Valid for 365 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global~ 274 MB 2500 Valid for 365 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date
Global~ 549 MB 5000 Valid for 365 Days
SIM Card Options
Select Date

Inmarsat IsatHub Terms and Conditions

  • Inmarsat Prepaid expirations occur at 00:00 UTC for the expiration date in question. To ensure existing airtime is not lost, recharge should be processed at least 24 hours prior to expiration.
  • Unused units will roll over if SIM is recharged prior to the expiration date.
  • SIM Validity will be based upon current expiration date or above voucher validity from date of recharge, whichever is later. The addition of multiple vouchers of the same type on the same date will not extend the validity further than the addition of one voucher. For clarity, adding multiple 3000 unit vouchers on the same day will not extend the validity more than 90 days from the date of redemption.
  • Prepaid Vouchers can be removed within 72 hours of initial load free of charge. After 72 hours, the Voucher Removal Fee applies.
  • Vouchers cannot be removed from expired SIMs or more than 60-days from original date of topup.
  • Only the most recently added voucher can be removed. Vouchers cannot be removed if any units have been used.


Service Units Required
Background IP per MB 9.1
Calls to Landlines 1
Calls to Mobiles 1.2
Calls to FBB 3
SMS 0.5

Please note that upon requesting activation of your prepaid airtime you are agreeing that we can start providing your network services before the end of the usual statutory cancellation period and that by doing so, you lose your right to cancel your purchase of the prepaid airtime or request a refund. As a result, please check that you have ordered the correct airtime for your handset or terminal. Please refer to our terms and conditions for full information. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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