Beam Inmarsat SMA/TNC Active Cable Kit (31m)

Beam Inmarsat SMA/TNC Active Cable Kit (31m)

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Part Number: ISD935

The Beam IsatDock/Oceana SMA/TNC antenna cable kit (31m / 101.7 ft) provides a flexible installation option for compact/short distance installations, where the docking unit is located close to the antenna.

What is Included?

  • Inmarsat Antenna Cable (31m)
  • GPS Antenna Cable (31m)

Key Features:

  • Provides a flexible installation option for most marine or fixed site installations
  • Pre-terminated with SMA/TNC connectors.

*Note: NOT for use with the ISD700 Passive Antenna.

General Specifications
Cable Kit Length 31m / 101.7 ft
Cable Kit Weight 390g / 8.59Ibs
Inmarsat Cable
SAT Cable Length Active 31m SAT TNC(m)-SMA(m)
Connector Diameter

1.45cm / 0.57"

Cable Diameter

1.03cm / 0.41"

Thickest Diameter

1.5cm / 0.59Ibs

Bend Radius Single

2.54cm / 1"

Bend Radius Repeat

10.16cm / 4"

GPS Cable
GPS Cable Length Active 31m GPS SMA(m)-SMA(m)
Connector Diameter 0.92cm / 0.36"
Cable Diameter 0.61cm / 0.24"
Thickest Diameter 1cm / 0.39"
Bend Radius Single 1.91cm / 0.75"
Bend Radius Repeat 6.35cm / 2.5"


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